AIJN - European Fruit Juice Association

In focus

  • AIJN Scientific Symposium

    Crucial Learnings from the Latest Research on Fruit, Fruit Juice and Sugars - Take a look at the report of the Scientific Symposium held in Brussels where some of the world’s leading experts in diet, metabolism and plant bioactives recently met in Brussels to explain, explore and expand on the latest science around the health effects of fruits and 100% fruit juices.

    The AIJN Code of Practice

    The Code of Practice consists of a set of reference guidelines describing in detail the characteristic natural components of industrial processed fruits.

    Leading Beverage Companies Commit to 100% Sustainable Juice

    Aiming for 100% sustainable juice

  • AIJN position paper on Nutrient Profiles 2017
    US Dietary Guidelines 2015 - good news for 100% FJ

    US Dietary Guidelines 2015 - good news for 100% FJ