New COP subscription price and options

As of April 2011 a new AIJN Code of Practice website is put in place. Take an on-line subscription to the re-styled and revised Code of Practice website which contains :

  • Reference guidelines for 20 different fruit varieties. The reference guidelines contain, apart from min. Brix and relative density values, analytical parameters with specific commentary notes. They serve to assess the quality and authenticity of both direct and reconstituted juices as well as their raw materials.
  • Provisional Brix and relative density values for over 30 additional fruits
  • AIJN industry Codes and Guidelines such as a Hygiene Code, Aroma Guideline, Traceability guideline, Alicyclobacillus Best Practice guideline and microbiological Guidelines for Fruit and Vegetable Semi-finished Products
  • AIJN position papers such as carry-over of foreign fruit, carry-over of aromas
  • Overview of EU legislation applicable to fruit juices and nectars
  • Updates on the working programme and activities of the AIJN COP Expert Group
  • Access to the Technical Forum, where subscribers can raise issues, ask questions or post an opinion on technical, technological and legal matters. Other subscribers are able to react with their experience and opinion

The subscription price for access to the full on line AIJN COP website, which includes the possibility to install an off-line application on your own computer with automatic up-dates is: 300 €/year

See page: How to become a subscriber?