What is the AIJN Code of Practice?

The AIJN Code of Practice (CoP) for the Evaluation of Fruit and Vegetable Juice, is accepted and used by the National Fruit Juice Associations within the EU, by national food inspections as well as by fruit processors and traders all around the world. It is also acknowledged by the EU Commission.

Furthermore the acceptance of the Code of Practice is a mandatory requirement for all participants in the European industrial self-control organisation (EQCS) and also for the members of the International Raw Material Assurance Organisation (SGF/IRMA).

The Code contains:

  • Preface including the general operation of the Code
  • Comments, general and detailed, on the reference guidelines
  • Individual reference guidelines for 20 different juice varieties, which include Brix, acids, sugars, flavonoids, mineral contents and isotopic parameters
  • Provisional Brix and relative density for an additional 32 fruit varieties
  • Analytical reference methods
  • Copy of the EU Fruit Juice Directive and other relevant EU legislation
  • List of additives allowed in juices and nectars
  • Overview of fruit names in 10 EU languages