EU list of permitted Health Claims finally published

Mai 25, 2012

The list of permitted Article 13.1 health claims has formally been adopted by the European Commission on 16 May 2012. The list was published on 25 May 2012 in the Official Journal of the EU (see the file below). The entry into force is on the 20th day following the publication, i.e. the 14th June 2012. The Regulation will apply as of 14 December 2012, i.e. 6 months later which are foreseen as transition period to adapt the labels.

In parallel with this Regulation, Commission's DG SANCO put online a database of authorizes and non-authorized nutrition and health claims (Community Register of Nutrition and Health Claims):
See this link

There are 222 authorised health claims and 1719 non-authorised health claims pursuant to article 13-1 of the EU regulation.

National competent authorities are responsible for enforcing the legislation and can provide food business operators with advice on how to comply with it.