AIJN - European Fruit Juice Association

Fruit Juice Matters Programme

Celebrating Juice - A European Response

Increasingly, juices are finding themselves subject to attacks and negative messaging in the media.  Some of the issues are shared with general soft drinks, but some of these are specific to juices.  Even those issues which are shared with general soft drinks have a very specific juice industry angle.

In the face of these pressures and the industry’s current lack of voice, it has been agreed by the Executive Board that the AIJN should commence with a Public Relations campaign. The objectives of it are: to have greater influence over the destiny of the juice category in Europe; to move from a defensive position on key topics, to a proactive position; to improve reactionary communications when faced with issues; to balance conversations involving juice with more positive (fact-based) content; and to actively celebrate the positive attributes of the juice category.

Ultimately, the audience should be the EU juice consumer, but at this stage it is not expected that we should undertake direct consumer communications.  Initially, it is anticipated that the focus should be opinion formers / experts – e.g. scientists / nutritionists, industry leaders and EU and local government bodies (e.g. regulators).